September 2020

The launch of the MDA marked a turning point in the future of movement directors.  We are working on joint initiatives with Equity to achieve full recognition by the union. 


Together Equity and MDA have created a survey of the field of movement direction in what marks the beginning of co-operation between our organisations.


August 2020

MDA's Ayse Tashkiran new book, Movement Directors in Contemporary Theatre: Conversations on Craft was published in July 2020.  This is the first publication of its kind, dedicated to the craft of movement direction.  The book charts a series of interviews with leading theatre practitioners and future voices.  MDA Members benefit from a discount on purchases from Bloomsbury. 

Photo by Helen Maybanks


August 2020

We are delighted to launch the Movement Directors' Association 

in August 2020.

The MDA is a network of professional 

theatre workers with a proven track record of movement direction.

The MDA is the first professional 

association for movement directors.


Photo by Pavel Dousek 

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