BBTAs 2021

October 2021

The Black British Theatre Awards continue to recognise and celebrate the work of movement directors. 


MDA Steering Group member Ingrid Mackinnon is nominated this year. The MDA would like to congratulate her and  all the nominees.


January 2021

Equity and MDA are hosting a second online, open meeting for all movement directors on 28th January 2021, 7pm-8:30pm GMT. We are continuing to collaborate to develop terms and conditions tailored to the specificity of movement direction, following analysis of the field of movement direction in 2020. Tickets can be booked here.  Non-members are welcome. 


October 2020

There is growing recognition of movement directors featured in the Equity Magazine Autumn 2020.

Ayse Tashkiran and Diane Alison-Mitchell highlight the vital work that is being undertaken by the MDA and its growing membership (page 18).  MDA Steering Group member Jennifer Jackson discusses the Freelance Task Force and how the voices of movement directors are permeating into the industry (page 21).


October 2020

The MDA congratulates movement directors on their contribution to the works nominated at this year's Olivier Awards. 

There is yet to be an award for movement direction but the presence of movement directors as a core member of creative teams is undeniable.

BBTAs 2020

October 2020

The Black British Theatre Awards is only in its second year but has been recognising and celebrating the work of movement directors. 


MDA Steering Group member Shelley Maxwell won its inaugural Best Choreography Award in 2019, followed by further nominations for movement directors this year.  The MDA congratulates all the nominees.


September 2020

The launch of the MDA marked a turning point in the future of movement directors.  We are working on joint initiatives with Equity to achieve full recognition by the union. 


Together Equity and MDA have created a survey of the field of movement direction in what marks the beginning of co-operation between our organisations.


August 2020

MDA's Ayse Tashkiran new book, Movement Directors in Contemporary Theatre: Conversations on Craft was published in July 2020.  This is the first publication of its kind, dedicated to the craft of movement direction.  The book charts a series of interviews with leading theatre practitioners and future voices.  MDA Members benefit from a discount on purchases from Bloomsbury. 

Photo by Helen Maybanks


August 2020

We are delighted to launch the Movement Directors' Association 

in August 2020.

The MDA is a network of professional 

theatre workers with a proven track record of movement direction.

The MDA is the first professional 

association for movement directors.


Photo by Pavel Dousek